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Hello again.

I haven’t been here in months. 

It was actually Haloeye that reminded me I even had a tumblr.


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So, he’s going to college.

I’m proud and happy. No, really, I am.

Well… I want to be. 100%, of course I want to be, but there’s this block. This block that I won’t show him.

I’m insecure, and I’m so insecure and sure that he’ll find someone else while he’s at college because he’s such a great guy.

It’s like my insides are crying out and, not wanting to stop him, but wanting to tell him exactly how… Worried I am.

I know I’d let him go if he did because I’d have no choice, but… Still.

Le sadface.


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Thank you, Dashboard.

You’re hilarious tonight.


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These past few years have been a ride and a half for me, and no one, even up close beside me, has been as supportive as he has.

Most people can’t understand how someone can support another from so far away, but it’s simple, really. When you can feel what they mean through what they type. And most people can’t understand that statement either. 

Throughout the time I nearly lost my life to a surgeon three years ago, he was there. 

Through the recovery, he was there.

Through the being fucked over by 2 guys, LDR, he was there.

Through the time 1 of those 2 guys decided to go and find someone in reality and dump me because she took a shine to him, he was there.

And when that 1 guy came crawling back and I took him back again, he was there.

This year, since February, through the monthly operations and when I had a drain in my stomach and a whole pile of pipework under my shirt, he was there.

This year, when that drain made me hit rock bottom and absolutely hate myself, he was there.

He never  gave up on me, not once. 

If he could see this now, perhaps he’d know that I remember those times on a daily basis. And he wonders sometimes why I tell him I’m lucky and proud to be with him every single day. It’s because I’m grateful. It’s because I’ve never been treated so well by anyone in my life. And, most of all, it’s because he’s with me. 

This amazing, supportive, caring, humorous, ‘gets me’, dedicated, laid back and chilled out and, all around, strong and adoring individual… He’s mine. 

I could never ask for anything more.

I love you, Vince. And, by God, I never want to lose you.

My rock, my life force, my strength and my passion.

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10 days.

And the man will have proper internet and we’ll be able to talk again.

Excited? Yes, marginally. Roll on the fifth of Sept. <3

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basic-girl-deactivated20140212 asked: how did you and your boyfriend meet?


We actually met online. 

We knew one another for three years, online mainly, before we got together though.

We were like ‘best friends’ by the time he finally asked me to be his lady.~

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The Distance.

4870.11 miles…

That’s… Pretty far, no?

4870.11 miles love has managed to span.

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That moment where…

…With one word, or a few words, someone can make you doubt yourself to the highest degree.

Yes, I have like zero confidence and yes, big places with lots of people have me slightly concerned, but I don’t care because when he’s in my head, all I can think about is finding him one day in the middle of a crowded airport, dashing through and slaloming between people just to wind up in his arms.

Where he’ll hold me so tight I’ll feel like he’ll never let me go.

Where I’ll finally feel completely safe…

…LDRs, tough as hell.

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He’s been in my life for…

…Exactly 3 years, 10 months, 4 weeks and 1 day.

But, we’ve been together for 6 months and 5 days.

What’s highly endearing to me is the fact that he admitted to me just a little while ago that he’d been meaning to ask me to be his for months, he’d been too afraid to ask, too afraid of rejection and losing what he counted as his ‘most treasured friend’. And I’d gotten with someone during the *’admittance time’. 

This is going to sound terrible, but even during that relationship, I had feelings for my current other. Even before then. And I’d felt the same way. I’d never dreamed of asking him to be mine because, above all else, I didn’t want to lose him as my best friend.

*The time where the uncertainty starts to undertake the truth and one finally admits to themself that they ARE falling in love with someone.

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The Love that I have ♥: Distance →


It’s hard to love someone who’s far away from you, that feeling when you’re sad and all you want is to hug and cry to that someone. You keep thinking how does it feel to be with him/her. You just want to be with them and do the things you wanted to them; get lazy together, be crazy together, eat…

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